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"Don’t remember Jesus, spend time with him." 02/24/17

I started life in the church as a member of the First Baptist Church of Pitman, New Jersey. You may not know this, but Baptists and Episcopalians do church a lot differently. For instance, you’ll never see a stained glass window with Jesus on a cross in a Baptist Church. That’s because Baptists focus on the resurrection. The empty crosses in their sanctuaries are reminders that from the moment Jesus’ friends found his tomb empty there has only been Easter for all who believe. Another big difference is how communion is celebrated. On every first Sunday at Baptist churches, cubes of bread are passed from pew to pew followed by small cups of grape juice. Communion is a symbolic meal,

"A Continuous Note of Grace" - 02/17/17

My kids are both in middle school orchestras. John plays the cello and Lucy plays the saxophone. Sometimes listening to them practice fills me with pride and sometimes it’s like a subtle form of music torture as the same phrases get repeated, sometimes in tune and sometimes not, over and over again. But it’s worth the figurative and literal headaches every year when Rosemary and I squish our way past other parent’s knees and around their toes into the overheated school auditorium for spring and winter concerts. That’s when we see our kids swept into the excitement of making a musical composition come to life. Lucy and John look as surprised as we are when they and their classmates fi

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” - 02/10/17

Dear Grace Family, Last Saturday your generosity amazed me when I pulled into the driveway at Church of the Incarnation to find about a dozen Grace Church folks with members if St. Paul’s Bergen and Church of the Incarnation putting together furniture, hooking up computers, unloading a U-Haul with donated furniture, painting and cleaning up the rectory to prepare for the arrival of six guests who will stay at Incarnation temporarily when they are released on March 1 from a detention center for immigrants and asylum seekers. The three Episcopal Churches in Jersey City have been intentional about sharing ministries and strategizing for mission in our city together for several years now,

The Church Stands Up - 02/03/17

Those of you who were at church on Sunday heard about the Episcopal Diocese of Newark’s Convention which took place last weekend. Convention is the “annual meeting” for the hundred churches that comprise our Diocese. At the end of convention several dozen clergy and members of the laity stood before our Bishop asking that we as a Diocese explore the Sanctuary Church Movement to provide sanctuary to. The following is Bishop Beckwith’s reflections on our Convention, when it is time for the church to sit down and when it is time for the church to stand up. You can follow Bishop Mark’s blog at: As is the case with most Diocesan Conventions, there was

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