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"We Are Going Home. Easter is Living Proof." - 04/14/2017

My father worked for TWA when I was a child and back then (imagine!) that meant my family flew for free. I loved leaving the ground, watching the cars on the highways turn into toys and the houses shrink into Monopoly game pieces before disappearing into the curve of the earth. Then the plane would hit the clouds (which you can feel) and come straight through the top of them. Looking down from the plane you could see them differently than when you look up from the ground. They were mountain ranges of emptiness. That view often made me wonder why people say heaven is in the sky. Was living in puffy nothingness with angel choirs for all eternity supposed to be some reward? Maybe it wou

"Your heart will know before your mind ever does who Jesus is." - 04/07/2017

The first Maundy Thursday I ever let someone wash my feet it took almost all the will I had to allow it. I had to override the shame reflex that implored me to keep my socks on so no one would see my toenails deformed from botched, in-grown toenail surgeries. Who washed my feet that first Maundy Thursday decades ago? It could have been a person I love, didn’t like or didn’t know. All I remember is whoever poured the water and toweled them dry was Jesus too, holding my soul’s bare naked need in his calloused hand. Grace family, Holy Week is before us. On Sunday we’re going to join the ad hoc parade that gathered around Jesus on his way up the hill to Jerusalem to face the dehumanizing

Praying With Your Feet - 03/31/2017

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? - 1 John 3:17 Back in the 90s Rose and I lived in a rent controlled railroad apartment in Hoboken. I was in seminary while working for the church and Rosemary was an adjunct professor who also did artist residencies as a playwright in schools all over North Jersey. Like the retired factory workers who lived there for forty years, the man dying of AIDS on the third floor and the family on public assistance directly below us, at the time we had no money. We knew we were lucky to have somewhere to live in town at all as rents skyrocketed around us, but it

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