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Embracing Awe - 08/25/2017

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them. - Psalm 8:3-4 At 2:39pm on Tuesday I was laying in the grass in my mom’s massive backyard near the Blue Ridge mountains wearing the paper glasses my brother purchased two months earlier for this exact moment. The moon eclipsed 95% of the sun in Mountain City, Tennessee. The light that was left muted the grass and the butterfly bushes but made their colors deeper, as if God intended to press the moment into every creature looking skyward as She momentarily slid the source of all life that we know out

"Evil Has No Power But The Power We Give It" - 08/18/17

"It is indeed my opinion now that evil is never “radical,” that it is only extreme, and that it possesses neither depth nor any demonic dimension. It can overgrow and lay waste the whole world precisely because it spreads like a fungus on the surface. It is “thought-defying,” as I said, because thought tries to reach some depth, to go to the roots, and the moment it concerns itself with evil, it is frustrated because there is nothing. That is its “banality.” Only the good has depth that can be radical." – Hannah Arendt Just like you, my first association with exorcism came from the movies. The plots vary but usually involve a helpless innocent under the control of a supernatural, demonic for

"Holiness Is Ordinary & Everywhere" - 08/11/2017

When my family lived in northwest New Jersey there was a member of our church who had been a Girl Scout leader for decades and especially delighted in taking her troop camping deep in the woods. Barbara knew the calls of all birds, what plants were edible, how to make water potable and what to do when lost, which I’m fairly confident she never was. I’m grateful that she took me on a couple of amateur hikes and wish I could remember everything she said about the trees and how to collect maple syrup, but all I remember is what she said about an enormous boulder. As we were walking she pointed it out and said. “That one’s not from here.” Confused about how a rock the size of a minivan c

Not Even Death Can Separate Us From The Love Of God - 08/04/17

Pastor Debbie* was around eighty years old, five feet tall and had a church in a house that leaned slightly to the right somewhere near Lincoln Park. She was the pastor of a family whose children were part of my youth group, which is how I came to meet and get the wrong impression of her. I thought she was a soft spoken, shy person because I’d never heard her preach. The Wright kids who attended her church each had a “Pastor Debbie preaching” impersonation which I heard one night when I’d taken them bowling. If any of the kids hit a pin they’d stick their hands up in the air, throw back their heads, yell “HALLELUJAH!! HALLELUJAH!! THANK YOU JESUS!" and do an ecstatic dance in the lane

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