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Praying With Fists In The Air - 09/22/2017

But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life. - Romans 6:22 Rescuers have been searching for signs of life under caved in roofs and toppled walls, in Mexico after this week’s devastating earthquake. When one person searching raises a fist in the air it’s a sign that everyone else should stand still and be absolutely silent so even the faintest of sounds from someone pinned under the rubble might be heard. There have been breath taking pictures of hundreds of people standing still with their fists in the air, waiting for just one person’s ears to pick up the faintest whisper. During this

Faith From Others - 09/15/2017

Nineteen New Year’s Eves ago, Rosemary and I were at the hospital waiting for pathology reports after a surgery revealed she had cancer. When something like that happens it’s as if you climb into a hot air balloon and fly way above your life until it’s almost unrecognizable. Work, the color paint you want to use for the hallway, when you’re going to get the laundry done, it all gets microscopic. Late one night I was flipping channels on the 8th floor in Mt. Sinai’s Oncology Ward and came upon a documentary about Buddhist, monastic life. A wizened, toothless nun was being interviewed about the approaching visit the Dali Lama was scheduled to make in a village near her. She was so thi

A Message from Our Bishop - 09/08/2017

A Message from Our Bishop The Right Reverend Mark Beckwith To the millions of people in Southeast Texas, Mother Nature seemed like a cruel parent as Hurricane Harvey stormed through the region, leaving devastation and despair in its wake. Although the impact of the hurricane may seem cruel, weather catastrophes are not intentional. Contrary to some bad theology which tries to make the case that a hurricane is a manifestation of divine retribution (there was a lot of that after Hurricane Katrina over a decade ago), hurricanes emerge out of a complicated confluence of air currents and water temperature that grow in size and force – and which are no doubt amplified by climate change. The announ

A Way Through Suffering - 09/01/2017

Years ago when my colleague Rabbi Robert Scheinberg’s mother died suddenly I was invited to sit shiva, something I’d never done before. I ran a community youth group with a member of Rob’s congregation so I was able to ask what I should know before going. Melissa said that when I saw Rob I shouldn’t feel pressed to come up with something to say. Visitors to a shiva home are invited to be silent, allowing the grieving person to engage in conversation or not. Later, I learned that this tradition has its roots in the Book of Job. When Job’s family suddenly died his friends Elifaz, Bildad, and Zophar came to comfort him. “And they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights” (2

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