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Stewardship – A Lesson in Fearlessness (10/20/2017)

Bayla Kallstrom- Warden Long ago, in another lifetime, I could pretty much purchase whatever I wanted. I distinctly remember walking into a seafood market on my way home from work one day, in my fancy duds and fur coat, and picking out the most expensive fish they had, because I was curious how it would taste, and because I could. There was a host of people standing around, visiting, examining the lower priced fare, speculating on how many whiting could be had for a dollar, and comparing recipes that had been handed down through their families for generations. They observed me without smiling. I scarcely noticed. I remember that the merchant filleted the fish to my exact specifications, an

Another Way To Live - 10/13/17

My mother was a teacher and when my brother and I were children we lived off her salary plus several credit cards. My Grandfather, a retired truck driver, helped us get our three-bedroom ranch house by co-signing the mortgage. His pension and social security gave him a nice income to pay his share, go to the track and Atlantic City once or twice a week. Our cars were leased or used, my mother and I shared a bedroom, but there was enough. After my parent’s rocky divorce and a winter with no heat but plenty of fish stick dinners, “enough” was the imaginable ceiling for us of what a family could want. There was one exception to this unspoken understanding. Every December when the strang

The Heart of God In Plain View - 09/29

Mortal, you are living in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see but do not see, who have ears to hear but do not hear; -Ezekiel 12:2 For my first few months living in the city it confused me that there was only one homeless guy living there. I’d been told by a neighbor that he was a Vietnam vet and he resembled a really dirty Jesus: gaunt, unworldly, with a long beard and hair. He never asked for money, he just walked around town. Sometimes I’d see him in the park and one time I found him curled up asleep in a doorway. I went into the bodega next door, got a buttered roll and a coffee and left it near him. When I came back the coffee and the sta

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