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Brothers & Sisters:  You’re Needed - 11/25/17

A long time ago I was the Director of an after school program. Before our church used its small endowment to build The Jubilee Center across the street from public housing the neighborhood was just a liquor store, fast food restaurants and a tow yard. After much nail biting and many sleepless nights, The Jubilee Center opened when the rector of my then church and I convinced a state senator to buy into the church’s dream. He secured a big, renewable government grant that paid for just about everything at the Center from the light bills to an Alvin Ailey dancer for our arts program. One day while listening to NPR I heard a report about deep cuts being made to New Jersey community servi

Wrapping Up Pledge Season - 11/10/2017

I used to think Jesus’ imperative to “give to anyone who asks” (Luke 6:30) was one of the least reasonable out of many unreasonable things he told his followers and hangers-on to do. After all, as soon as I was old enough to get a driver’s permit I’d been cautioned by my betters not to be gullible or taken in by scam artists and since I’ve mostly lived in the city for the last twenty-five years I pretty well mastered that. For much of that time I walked down the street with the word “no” pocketed in my cheek like a cough drop. As much as I loved the guy selling steaks “so hot they cook themselves” out of his trunk a block away from Port Authority I wasn’t going to give him eye contact

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