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Snob - 7/20/2018

During the eighties when high hair, Jordache jeans and blue eye shadow were chic amongst my peers in South Jersey I assiduously shopped in antique stores for 1940s dresses with peplums and raided my Grand Aunt’s closet for saucy, velvet and feathered hats from the same era. While the girls in my class listened to Duran Duran and Michael Jackson I was usually listening to The Andrews Sisters or maybe The Doors on my walkman. To this day I’ve never seen “Flash Dance”. Instead, I poured over the TV Guide every Sunday in hopes that the late late late show might have another Greta Garbo festival. While other kids were hanging out at the mall I was playing with my little brother or writing m

"Love Until It Drains You of Time" - 7/13/2018

The Apostle Paul was always a man of strong, moral convictions. Defender of the faith Saul would have gladly found the two by fours to hang Jesus from the cross. But in the middle of his distinguished career as a Defender of the Faith, Jesus knocks Saul off his horse and gives him new eyes and a new name. This seasoned persecutor of heretics heads back to Jerusalem looking for Peter and James. Instead of arresting them, he says the resurrected Jesus himself made him an Apostle and James and Peter will just have to take his word for it. Peter and James look at each other with eyebrows raised past their hair lines. If Paul ever apologizes for stoning their friend Stephen to death the

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