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Being Willing To See Him - 08/27/2018

Not having grown up in any church, my introduction to nuns came from a documentary about Mother Teresa. I watched it so many times that my VHS player ate the tape probably out of exhaustion or the same, incomprehensible disinterest friends displayed when I tried to get them to watch with me. What could possibly be more romantic than taking a vow, walking away from familial ties and cultural expectations through the streets of Calcutta to find Jesus in the face of any hungry, homeless, lonely stranger? Sorry world, Casablanca pales in comparison. A year into my studies at seminary I tried to talk about Mother Teresa with the only person I thought would understand: my new mentor Sister

A Special Post From Colin Britt, Our Music Director - 08/17/2018

Dear Grace Church family, As many of you probably know, I travel a lot. With my wife Tori working on the West Coast for the last 18 months, I have racked up plenty of frequent flyer miles (I have flown over 57,000 miles since January alone). This summer, it felt like I spent about as many waking hours on a plane as in our apartment. I’m pretty sure I’m immune to jetlag at this point. But here’s the part you may not know – I love every minute of it. I love the ritual of meticulously placing my clothes and toiletries into the airline approved carry-on bag. I love arriving at the airport and wheeling my bag along polished floors as I walk by passenger queues for Geneva, Lima, Rome, and Syd

God Is Not A Brand - 8/3/2018

The summer before I went to seminary I had a dream about my long dead, religious Grandmother. Having walked down the hall she stopped and stood behind me in my bedroom doorway. I saw her because I was sitting in front of an antique vanity mirror. If anyone was going to be proud of my acceptance into Princeton Seminary it would be she. I smiled broadly and announced that I was going to be a minister. She replied, “Well, if the way you treat your Grandfather is any indication of the kind of minister you’ll make you won’t be very good.” Having spent all of my teenage years in a small house with my Grandfather I can’t even guess how many times I waged World War Three with him at the dinne

Love Is A Symphony - 7/27/2018

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. - Luke 12:7a When I was in seminary I spent a lot of time at a shelter. There were people who’d lost their housing, their job or both. There were young adults who preferred the street to the terrible situations at home, people with mental health problems that led to drug addictions or drug addictions that led to mental health problems and there were women fleeing domestic violence. Jesus said they all had an inside track with him and I since my I was still on my honeymoon with Jesus as far as I was concerned they were all wonderful. One day I wound up at a meeting with an ancient priest from Bayonne named Harry Smith who dressed l

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