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Reverend Laurie's Blog - 07/26/2019

The first bishop I ever met was John Shelby Spong. He was getting vested for worship in the church where I was an interning as a student from Princeton Seminary while in exile from my own church. I’d come out to the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pitman, my sponsoring congregation over lunch at a diner the year before. He paid the tab, gave me a hug, drove away and never returned another call. I knew Bishop Spong was notorious for being a heretic to many inside the institutional church for ordaining a gay man and other things like rejecting the virgin birth and pooh-poohing the inerrancy of Scripture. But to anyone who ever got kicked out of church for who they were or for ask

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 07/19/2019

The Grace Church Youth Group spent last week near Hazard, Kentucky helping to repair a family’s home as participants Appalachian Service Project. Our family had lived in coal mining country for so many generations that Anna, the matriarch had lost count of them. Trucks mounded with coal passed by her small house on the narrow road every twenty minutes are so where she cared for her two, grown children with disabilities and two grandchildren of a son who died from complications of diabetes five years before. Standing in the yard she told me that the mine itself was right under our feet and a slow moving train that Anna referred to as her “boyfriend” loaded with coal came squeaking by her

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 07/05/2019

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the 90th birthday of one of the former secretaries from the small, private school where I grew up. By default, Mrs. Smith was also the school nurse, guidance counselor and mother. Honored to be invited (perhaps for holding the student record for “most time spent loitering in the office”) I drove down the New Jersey Turnpike to the Harrison House Diner and was ushered back to the table reserved for the select few, which included Mrs. Smith’s sons, a son-in-law and friends. We reminisced, asked about each other’s summer plans and discussed house hunting. I bragged about my children. After lunch I said goodbye to everyone and Mrs. Smith’s youngest so

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