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Reverend Laurie's Blog

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 8/23/2019

No one in the Episcopal Church has come right out and said it within my hearing, but if you’re Episcopalian you just know by example that talking about your personal relationship with Jesus is kind of vulgar. Not that we don’t have personal relations with Jesus, but much like any topic discussed in your 10th grade health class, speaking about what Jesus Christ has done for you is not for polite conversation. This is why, while visiting my mother in Tennessee this week when we passed a circus tent by the side of the road with a big sign in front that read “The Way of the Cross Old Fashion Tent Revival Camp Meeting” I made her stop the car and turn around. Thirty miles from the nearest Epi

Rev. Laurie's Blog - 08/16/2019

Come Explore Your Faith Through Hymns with Our Own David Styers During Vacation Bible School Having grown up Southern Baptist, I joke that I learned to sing before I learned to talk! We handled the white Broadman hymnals with gold lettering in the pews more than their neighboring Holy Bible counterpart. And the Minister of Music was probably even more respected than the Senior Pastor! Although there are some forms of worship (and whole denominations) that do not use music at all, words set to music can be a powerful teacher and reminder in the church of our theology and faith. Even the Fonz understood the power of song when he helped Potsie not quit school but get an A+ in his colle

Rev. Laurie's Blog Post - 08/09/2019

This is the last day of my time as Chaplain at Crossroads Summer Camp which is up in the hilly countryside of north western New Jersey. It’s been a slow and achingly beautiful week. I spent mid-morning doing Bible study on the porch of a cabin full of 3rd grade boys. They fumbled in the back of their Action Bibles to find “The Acts of the Apostles”. With slumped shoulders and a wave of blue in the blond hair under his cap, Ethan leaned over the strange tale in gape mouthed innocence. I imagine to an eight year old boy these anecdotes of God and people reaching for each other are like unidentifiable, flying bugs; interesting, alien and too strange to touch or try and catch for closer e

Rev. Laurie's Blog - 08/02/2019

In 1974 my mother, father and I lived in the pot-haze of Redwood City, California which is less than an hour from Haight-Ashbury. My Dead Head Dad had wild hair, a beard and sued TWA when they said he would be terminated if he didn’t get a hair-cut and a shave. My bedroom was a pile of blankets on the living room floor in our tiny apartment. Once, during a party there a Hell's Angel brought her bike up the stairs, parked by the couch, sat me on the handlebars and taught me to tie my shoes. No one had to teach me to question authority. My parent’s peers were coming home from an unwinnable war that split the country in half. Martin Luther King was killed the year before I was born and Stonew

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