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Reverend Laurie's Blog

Rev. Laurie's Blog - 10/25/2019

I first met Heather at an Adult Forum hosted by her mosque where I’d been invited to speak about Jesus. Asked to take off my shoes at the door, I later learned that this is a reminder that just like Moses, we too were standing on holy ground. Why don’t we do this at church? I still wonder. Everyone at the mosque welcomed me with warm words and appreciative smiles. I gave a twenty minute talk after which the President of the mosque invited questions. From the back row someone asked about the Trinity. With a class or two under my belt about this sibling religion, I knew Christianity and Islam held the entirety of the Old Testament, Abraham as a father and even most of the stories a

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 10/11/2019

At the church that sponsored me for ordination there was a guy on the vestry named John. John was a classic geek. He went to sci-fi conventions with his wife, he had a waist length ponytail and I think he created software or computers. That said, even more than “Deep Space 9” John loved Jesus. That’s why if you had more than three conversations with him there was a strong likelihood you would have heard his Jesus sandwich story, which goes like this: Back in the day John and Stephanie the seminarian had a lunch ministry going in a park by the church. They had a phone chain (before texting and emails) of church volunteers who made about twenty sandwiches a piece and delivered them to

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