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Reverend Laurie's Blog - 02/28/2020

In January I went with friends to the Natural History Museum in Washington DC. We wandered through an exhibit called “Deep Time” which chronicles billions of years and several mass extinctions. A pre-historic turtle hangs from the ceiling near a mechanical pterodactyl, slowly flapping its wings. There are trilobites to touch and video reenactments of the eruption of a super volcano and a meteor crashing into our fragile, tiny world. There’s an up-side to mass extinctions. During global catastrophes, when most living things evaporate, freeze, boil or got pressed deep into the ground, some life continues and out of the surviving living things new, amazing animals come into being. A

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 02/21/2020

Clergy are ordained by the church, consecrated by a bishop and surrounded by loved ones while a choir fills the incensed air chanting “Veni Sancte Spiritus”. Prophets are ordained by God alone out in the wilderness or in some random parking lot. Priests want to be ordained, prophets almost never do. People come to their priests for comfort but the comfortable stay as far away as possible from prophets. And sometimes, when God insists, priests moonlight as prophets. There was an elderly couple at the 9am service last Sunday. The husband stood out like a sore thumb at Grace where jackets and ties are almost as unusual as pince nezs and ascots. At coffee hour I learned that this frail loo

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 02/07/2020

On Wednesday Pamela Johnson, the Director of the Jersey City’s Anti-Violence Coalition came to the Episcopal church’s storefront mission in Greenville. The scope of Pam’s work with people who have inflicted or suffered from violence in Jersey City is breathtaking and so is her personal story. A survivor of gun violence, Pam was shot five times while attending a barbeque. Her shooter was caught but never produced a comprehensible explanation for his actions. As more evidence that there aren’t much in the way of good answers to “why?” there’s gun violence in Jersey City, Pam also told us the story of two groups men, (and she describes as “groups” instead of “gangs” because they aren’t orga

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