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Reverend Laurie's Blog

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 03/07/2020

When I was a kid I went to Hebrew School once or twice. I remember a lady helping me learn a few letters in the Hebrew alphabet, but like any kid crashing into a class that’s been going on for weeks in a school where everyone has chosen friends, as much as I would have liked to, I didn’t belong. My Father’s interest in raising me Jewish dried up just about immediately so I was pulled out of the synagogue and given a Star of David necklace instead. My Dad said I was to wear it at all times because, like him, I was Jewish. The girl down the street from us who was really Jewish clued me in that, K-mart Star of David necklace or no, I wasn’t. She expained you could have a gentile Dad and

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 03/27/2020

Since the quarantine two members of our congregation have buried their mothers. Though their deaths were not related to the pandemic their families and friends inability to gather and console each other was. One member’s young son lost his job due to the shut-down of unessential services and another family has lost a hefty piece of their business along with their plans for the trajectory of their retirement. Unable to visit, I call. Everyone who answers says “I’m okay.” In the wake of this pandemic, okay has a significantly lowered benchmark. While I’m humbled by how you manage in this time when there is so little we can do for each other, I’ve found it hard to be as strong as you. Squir

Reverend Laurie's Blog - 03/20/2020

Because Grace Church has held Morning and Evening Prayer online every day this week I’ve been spending more time with the Psalmists. Being with them feels like riding a roller coaster. For example, Psalm 102 begins by diving head first into a litany of sufferings, then loops around to marvel at the greatness of the Lord who laid the foundations of the world and comes to rest in the acceptance that although we will wear out like a garment, God will remain. I usually find the psalmist’s, schizophrenic prayer life hard to follow but now, I too am lamenting, glorifying God and repenting at the same time. Moments after judging my neighbors for hoarding paper towels, I told my wife yesterday morn

A Word from Our Warden Henry Faulkner About Holy Defiance in the Face of Fear

A Word from Our Warden Henry Faulkner About Holy Defiance in the Face of Fear I recently revisited the Michael Moore documentary "Bowling for Columbine". In it, Moore attempts to understand the reasons behind the school shooting massacre by unpacking all of the reasons people gave him for why it happened. The gist of the movie is this: the cause of these repeated catastrophes can't be the movies--the whole world sees our movies; it can't be video games--those come from Japan; it isn't our violent history--ours pales next to England's or Germany's; it isn't gun ownership--Canada has as many per capita. But what makes us unique as a nation is our fear. We are made, every day by anyone who ha

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