Used Book Sale

The largest used book store in Jersey City is run from Grace’s Parish Hall. 

Proceeds benefit GCVV.  Come to church and browse afterwards!

Donations are only accepted on Sundays when the book sale is in operation. Note that some items may be distributed for free, rather than sold. Due to our limited storage capacity, books that are too outdated or damaged to be sold or given away within a reasonable amount of time may be recycled.


Please do not donate general encyclopedias, outdated trade or technical books, or severely damaged items. We love books as much as you do, but if the item is something you can't imagine someone buying, we will probably be unable to sell it.


Receipts for tax purposes are provided on request.

The Book Sale operates from 12:30 - 4:30pm every Sunday after services at 39 Erie Street, Jersey City,

Please save all donations until then.

Grace Church Van Vorst  | 39 Erie Street  |  Jersey City, NJ 07302  |  Phone: 201-659-2211  |  office@gracevanvorst.org