Holy Baptism

Adult Baptism: Adult Baptism is considered normative in the Episcopal Church. Baptism is the rite of initiation that defines the Christian community, its mission and ministry. Through it, we profess our faith in God as the source of all that is good; the One who exhibited profound love for humanity in Jesus. We die to our old selves when we are baptized and are resurrected into new life with Christ.


Infant/Child Baptism: The Episcopal Church baptizes infants and children because God’s love precedes our ability to comprehend or respond to it. When infants are baptized the community of faith promises to raise them in “the knowledge and love of the Lord.” That is why it is expected that adults who present children for baptism will themselves be baptized and be active members     of the congregation. An important note: There’s no rush to baptize infants in the Episcopal Church.
We believe that God loves your child as much as you do (and maybe even more
at 3 a.m.)!


Baptismal Feast Days: Baptism takes place as part of a regular worship service on these



Great Vigil of Easter: The Saturday night before Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday

Pentecost: Two months after Easter


All Saints’ Day: The Sunday after Halloween


The Baptism of our Lord: The Sunday after Epiphany


Preparation: St. John’s requests that baptismal arrangements be made at least three weeks prior to one of the above mentioned feast days. Preparation for the parents and sponsors (Godparents) is generally held on the Saturday prior to the baptism unless alternate arrangements are made.

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