Notes From Rev. Laurie - 9/16/2016

What then shall we say to this? If God is for us, who is against us?

Romans 8:31

I have a confession: without church, I’m a “glass half empty” person. If my wife calls instead of texts me in the middle of the day, I instinctually prepare to hear that the house caught fire or that my son’s frog is dead and I have to get home before he finds it belly up in the tank. Please never leave a voicemail for me with the words “I have something important to tell you.” at the end without giving a hint about what it is. Sure, you could want to tell me you’re getting married. But you could also say you’re moving to Montreal. Thankfully I have regular evidence that looking at life this way is silly. Every time our next door neighbor’s arthritic dog hobbles into our yard and turns over to rub his back in the grass it’s as obvious as his bald, pink belly that life is delicious and available this very moment. And every Sunday at church I’m reminded that the verdict on our lives is in: God has said “Yes!” Through worship we respond to this news in the only appropriate way. We sing! We say thank you, hug each other and line up at God’s banquet table. By the closing song I’m an optimist. There joy is again: like an old friend standing at the door with a casserole. I was introduced to the word “pronoia” yesterday. The opposite of paranoia, it’s a hippy word that means the suspicion the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. As Christians, we embrace this suspicion as a way of life. After celebrating with you I even live like it’s true for days, but not weeks; which is why I’m always glad when Sunday rolls around. See you in two days! Rev. Laurie

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