"If You’re Burdened, Come Speak." - 05/26/2017

This week I had one of those doctor’s examination’s where you strip naked, put on a paper night gown, sit on a table and wait for a complete stranger to knock on the door, introduce herself briefly, ask a few questions and then look you over from stem to stern. The relationship between a doctor and patient is bizarre because you come for the express purpose of revealing yourself: you talk about your surgeries, your sex life, your addictions, your strange freckles and your family history. When my estranged father died I found and x ray of his heart in his house and brought it to my doctor to ask her what she saw. Afterwards I wasn’t sure if I was asking about genetic, physical or spiritual conditions I should know about. In the end, what we ask of a doctor is that she tell us what we don’t know about ourselves and help us fix what’s broken. Maybe you’ve been at Grace when healing prayer is happening during communion or have received healing prayer yourself here or at another church. It’s a time when people step away from their normal way of being in public and reveal themselves, sharing secret worries, the pain in their bones from a lost chance, a hope they have been afraid to utter before that moment and ask to be made whole by God. John’s Gospel starts with “In the beginning was the Word.” I love that image of Jesus being not only a but the Word and the first one- before everything. Wherever there is connection, understanding and meaning, John’s Gospel claims Christ is there. A little after Pentecost, Grace Church Van Vorst will offer a Healing Service on Wednesday Nights at 7pm. If you’re burdened, come speak. If you’re frazzled, come find some order. Step away from your public life and figure out where it hurts or what truth is asking to be spoken in you and say it. Carrying burdens alone isolates and disorders us, but as “the Word” Jesus is the experience of knowing and being known. As far as the church is concerned, that’s what healing is. Come see if in being heard, touched and prayed for you don’t find healing and a kind of wholeness no other kind of prescription can offer. I’ll be waiting for you! Your sister, Rev. Laurie Jean Wurm

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