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Palm Sunday, April 10th
Services @ 9:00 am & 11:00 am

This service will be held in person and available on the church Zoom @ 11:00 am

The Palm Sunday service begins with crowds shouting “Hosanna in the highest!”  and ends with those same crowds yelling “Crucify him!”  Jesus doesn’t wage a rebellion with swords, he begins a revolution of the heart that makes his disciples maladjusted to the world as it is and militant lovers of neighbors and enemies alike.  But before that happens he stands before the Roman Empire accused of treason and even his best friends scatter to the wind and pretend not to know him.
Jesus turns his gaze upon us on Palm Sunday and asks “To whom do your ultimate allegiances lie?”  and “Where are you in this crowd?”  Come and watch, listen and pray as Jesus enters Jerusalem and Holy Week begins.

Maundy Thursday,  April 14th
6:30 pm Seder

The seder will be offered in-person only

As a Jewish man Jesus celebrated Passover, the commemoration God’s liberation and transformation of his people from slaves into a holy nation every year.   Once, we were slaves to the world as it is, where might makes right, where justice and revenge are indistinguishable and there is no such thing as “enough”.  But that is before God in Christ set us free.
Come hear the story of God’s salvific acts done on your behalf.

8pm Maundy Thursday Service, April 14th

The Maundy Thursday Service will be offered in person and on Zoom

Good Friday, April 15th
7:30 am Morning Prayer

This Service will be offered only on Zoom
     12:00 Noon

Virtual White Supremacy Stations of the Cross

This Service will be offered only on Zoom

The stations of the cross follow Jesus from his wrongful arrest through his lynching. 
In Christian tradition, we understand Jesus to take all of the violence and hate that the world has to offer and bear the weight of it upon himself. 
That violence and hate plays out in our communities every day.     
On Good Friday we will follow Jesus as he bares the burdens of white supremacy with those who have been brutalized
for sleeping, surviving, running, playing, breathing, fleeing for their lives and being.
As an act of love for Jesus and for the broken world, let’s follow him.

The Seven Last Words of Jesus

7:00 pm

The Seven Last Words Service will be offered in person and on Zoom

The Gospels report Jesus saying seven things from the cross. 
Seven members of our congregation will offer brief reflections on each of these statements
and together we will witness the moment when God is dead and all hope is gone.

Holy Saturday Great Vigil of Easter, April 16th

7:30 pm in the Church

The Great Vigil of Easter will be offered in person and on Zoom

The Great Vigil of Easter is the holiest moment of the Christian year.  We gather in darkness, in a world without God.  Then we light a fire, light of Paschal candle and read by candlelight the story of God’s redemptive love for us beginning in Genesis and going straight through the prophets.  Finally, when we get to the story of the resurrection in the Gospel, we gather outside the church door and demand that Christ be allowed in- not only into to our church but into his our world.  The lights are turned on, the bells ring and we say for the first time since Lent began, “Alleluia!  Christ is Risen!”
Easter Sunday Services, April 17th
9:00 am Traditional Service
11:00 am Choral Eucharist

The 11:00 am Service will be offered in person and on Zoom

11:00 am  Service Followed by Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt

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