Eternal Life: a New Vision
Wednesday Night Adult Forum Begins 

Starts Wednesday, October 6th

7:00 pm on the GCVV Zoom

John Shelby Spong was the eighth bishop of our Diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, from 1979-2000.  A lightning rod in American Christianity, Bishop Spong affirmed God’s love of sexual minorities as they are, was the first bishop to ordain an openly gay man to the priesthood and challenged the entire Christian world’s unquestioning belief on such theological topics as the inerrancy of Scripture, the virgin birth, heaven and hell.

Bishop Spong died in September.  In his final book, Eternal Life: A New Vision, he explores his lifelong struggle with the questions of God and death, he reveals how he came to a new conviction about eternal life. God, says Spong, is ultimately one, and each of us is part of that oneness. We do not live on after death as children who have been rewarded with heaven or punished with hell but as part of the life and being of God, sharing in God’s eternity, which is beyond the barriers of time and space.   Spong argues that the discovery of the eternal can be found within each of us if we go deeply into ourselves, transcend our limits and become fully human. By seeking God within, by living each day to its fullest, we will come to understand how we live eternally.

Please let Rev. Laurie know if you plan to participate and if you need help in purchasing the book which is also available on Audible.

Walking Sacred Ground Workshop

October 23rd, 10:00 to 11:30 am

in the Grace Church rectory

Walking Sacred Ground was formed from a Grace Church group that participated in Sacred Ground, a study on race and faith offered by the Episocpal Church. The ministry's mission is to share our own awakening to white privilege and racism in order to pursue racial reconciliation, healing, and justice within our church, our community, and the world at large. 

Please join us for our first workshop where we will explore our relationship to white privilege. 

Laurie will bring coffee and pastries. Meghan Fitzgerald will lead the session.


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